Thursday, August 7, 2008

Washing Clothes

Washing clothes is a task that every woman must know.

It is still preferred that you wash your delicate clothes manually. There are certain fabrics that are so meticulous that when they are put in washing machine, there is a possibility that its original fabric will not be maintained. If you have time, you can wash with your bare hands. This method does not only preserve your clothes but can save electricity considerably. Women in the rural area use this method in washing clothes.
For most women on the go and who want to save time and energy, they prefer to use washing machine. You just have to sort out your clothes according to color and fabric. You have to avoid overloading your washing machine so that it can function better. Knowing the capacity of your machine ensures better performance.
I believe that it's not only the woman who must have the knowledge in washing clothes. Men must know this task so that they will not depend solely on the woman. At present, household jobs are no longer sexist.

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