Friday, August 15, 2008

Is White really beautiful?

A lot of advertisements on whitening products and services are proliferating these days. They can be seen and read in all forms of mass media. Celebrities are widely utilized to endorse such products and services. The sales result proved that such technique is very effective. Have you ever wondered why whitening products are very in demand in the market? Well, obviously many Filipinos want to achieve a fairer skin. Filipinos have this notion that being white is tantamount to being pretty. Everybody wants to be beautiful. Who does not?

Personally I have nothing against people who want to have a fairer skin. If being white can help boost one's self esteem, why not? We must be very particular though in taking whitening pills and using whitening products. There are some instances wherein a negative reaction on a certain product occurs. It is best to consult a certified dermatologist on what product will suit your skin type. An ounce of prevention is still better than a pound of cure.

Remember that external beauty fades in time for they are merely superficial, what matters most is the inner beauty for it lingers.

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