Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Why do I blog?

Before I started blogging, I was a bit reluctant If I will pursue this. Why? Because the whole blogging thing is totally alien to me. I never heard of it or read about it. Others may ask where in the world was I hiding all these time. Funny but the truth is, the last time that I used the computer was I think fifteen years ago. That was when I was doing my thesis back in college. I remember that before you can operate a computer, you need to install DOS (Data Operating System if I am not mistaken). There is no mouse yet. You have to press control something to execute a command. Lucky you people who are now enjoying the comfort and ease of the present innovation in computer. Maybe, I am not on the techie side thus I was so behind in terms of technology. This may be the reason why some of my children do not think that I am that smart because they know something which I don't. But I believe that it's never too late to learn things as long as one is very much willing.

As for blogging, I can't remember the number of times I ask my sister-in-law (she's my mentor by the way) what is it all about. She just told me (I want to mention her name but I haven't ask her permission yet so I won't ) that blogging is just like a diary that you keep everyday. You can write about anything that you see, feel or think about and that's it. Plus, you can earn MONEY from it. The latter actually made me think twice. I woke up one morning telling myself that it's about time that I subscribe to one of the internet services. I have to grow as a person. This blogging thing is the first step.

Yesterday, I was reading the newspaper that my husband brought home. I came across an article written by Jaye C. Bautista. It was an article about techie mommy talks. Actually, the article has two parts. My face lit up as I read the article because it talks about blogging. According to Jaye, gone are the days that moms just stayed at home and take care of their kids. Now, they can stay at home, learn and earn at the same time. Moms now can blog. According to Jaye,Wikipedia lists a blog (a contraction of the term "Web log") as a website usually maintained by an individual, with regular entries of commentary, descriptions of events, or other material such as graphics or video. Entries are commonly displayed in reverse-chronological order. "Blog" can also be used as a verb, such as blogging is the actual action of maintaining or adding content to a blog.

According to Jaye,a working mom (and once again she quoted, working mom applies to all types whether they work FROM the home, IN the home or OUTSIDE of home) has her stresses but found out that the nice way te relieve these stresses is by VENTING. And blogging seems like the perfect avenue to take this to. She found out the comfort in it and so do an increasing number of people.

Now, I'm pretty sure that I'm on the right track. I am actually doing something which I really enjoy. I found the perfect avenue to impart whatever knowledge I know and have ( I hope you are picking up something from me). I just have to be patient before I could earn the way my sister-in-law does. Now, I can actually talk about anything under the sun. It's a great way to release the day to day stress.

Happy blogging everyone!

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jeanette said...

Party on, Dette!.......Blogging's fun... just keep 'em coming...

Jaye aka Techie Mommy ;P

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