Thursday, August 7, 2008


Do you believe in lucky numbers? Fortunately or unfortunately, we Filipinos are great believers of sheer luck. This is evident by the thousands of Filipinos betting in Lotto. They are hoping that they will hit the jackpot prize and be an instant millionaire without shedding a single sweat.
Today is August o8,2008. Most Filipinos believe that this is such a lucky day for it occurs just once in a hundred years. Some expectant mothers who are about to give birth today is very positive that their babies who will be born today are very lucky.
Chinese believes that number 8 is such a lucky number for it has no end and circles mean money.
Personally, I believe that we must not be very fatalistic. It's not bad though to believe in luck but we must also exert an effort and do our part in attaining our goals. If we will just sit and relax the whole day, no such luck would ever come out.

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