Monday, August 18, 2008

Come on, don't be shy.

Most Filipinos are noted for being timid and shy. Even in school, I have observed that most of my classmates would rather keep quiet than ask questions to our teacher when we were asked if there are no questions on the topics that she had discussed. I noticed that very few would actually ask questions. Our silence was taken by our teacher that the topic was well understood. But the moment the result of the exam came out, my God , the result was at total dismay. This timidity by most Filipinos is a negative trait that we must all work very hard to overcome. Even my kids are very timid most of the times. I would always remind them that I was not raised like that. The world needs outspoken people to be able to develop and improve. What would happen to our world if all of us would just nod on our leaders on anything that they say? I know that silence is just a manifestation of our desire to be perfect. We fear that people might laugh at our weaknesses if ever we ask question. Pride holds us back. We are afraid that others might think that we are just plain dumb. We are afraid to be labeled us weak. This is my goal in life. I want my children to be outspoken and forget about shyness. . I want them to ask intelligent questions. When one asks, he does not just exist in this world. He is curious of the world around him. No one can fool him in any manner. I want to start with my own children. I want them to know and realize that it is not right to keep quiet all the time. if you think that you are right, stand up and speak up. For all you know, a lot of people have already benefit on your simple query. An inquisitive mind is always synonymous to desire to learn things which are obscure to you.

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