Monday, September 7, 2009

Life's Bitter Truth

I thought I would never find myself making a new post in my blog, until this very day. These past few months I have been very preoccupied with a lot of things. There are things about my personal life that require my full attention, thus I would have to put aside some things that are irrelevant at the time being.

First, there is the business thing. I am obliged to think of a business idea which I have to put up sooner or later. This is a must for our very enormous family. As of the moment, my husband is the sole breadwinner in the family. We both believe that we cannot live and be satisfied for what today is offering but we should think of tomorrow and the days after that. There are so many things that we need to prepare for our kids' future. For us to realize these magnanimous dream, we must be prepared, financially so to speak. We only want to give and offer them the best for their future. Very noble isn't it? We just hope that our kids will appreciate our deeds. I can say that our family belongs to the strata of middle-middle class in the society. A society wherein the rich has all the opportunity to become richer and the poor are getting poorer and poorer. Yes, I live in a capitalist country. That's just one of life's bitter reality. Going back to the business scheme which I have been fussing for a couple of years already,(If I am not mistaken!), I have already come up with tons of ideas which later disregarded because they are just not feasible. I thought of the things that I find very interesting to me. But I am aware that interest is not enough to sustain a business. I have so many things to consider too. I got to think of the target market, the capital, return of investment and so forth and so on. Whoah! Stuff like these have been the determinants of my business venture. Finally I ended up with no business yet to put up. Hopefully, before this year ends, I would be able to share with you a good news on my business venture and adventure. Everything is in the bag now but I hate to spoil things.

Secondly, I come across a very traumatic, If I may say, situation. I found myself trapped in a situation wherein trust, honesty and betrayal are the key players. Gees, I thought that at this point in time I have already mastered life's eccentricities but I am wrong. I was really caught unaware and totally disheveled.I learned that the cliche, you cannot please everybody is very much apt all the time. My only mistake is that I have been very gullible again despite of my vulnerability. I easily put my trust, faith , respect and affection to anyone who seem to be nice and friendly to me. I am still thankful to God that I made this realization just right on time. I know now that God is still good to me because He never let me in a very big trouble and catastrophic state. I made a vow to myself now, not to trust a person completely and totally. I am hoping and praying that after this turn of events in my life, I have already learned a lesson and despite the heartaches and tears, I pray that could still find it in my heart to trust a person. As of the moment, I doubt everyone. I would never make a fool of myself again. Am I bitter? Yes, I am. That's life's bitter truth.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Death of Francis M.

News on Francis M.'s death hit the whole country in big shock. That's usually how it is when a famous personality passed away. Many Filipinos are now mourning for Francis' death. In line with that, a lot of people are now visiting Francis' website at and even browsing the you tube. He was one techie person for sure. He blogged about his experiences no matter how painful his battle and fight for the big C was. I guess, the artist in him can't help but be known to the people. Even at the lowest, most painful and hardest times in his life, he made it a point that his fans , friends and fellow Filipino can see how he fought his own battle. I guess that's the essence of updating the public of his experiences at the 14th floor of the Medical City. People who are sick of cancer can draw strength and courage from Francis. He was some tough guy. He wanted to leave a message to a lot of people that while there is life there is hope. He also wanted people to relive and renew their faith to our Creator. I really looked up to him for his being patriotic, nationalistic, a good father, rapper, business man and a true son of God.

It is expected that the two competing giant networks in the country, (ABS-CBN and GMA 7), impressed the viewing public with their own unique kind of reportage on the life and times of Francis Magalona. I guess, in times such as these, rating game should be put aside. Whether you are a kapamilya or a kapuso it doesn't really matter. We are all Filipinos. This is what matters!

Francis M was one great artist in this lifetime. His life and times are so remarkable that he left the movie and music industry with so much legacy that no one can easily forget. I hope that another Francis M. will be born again. Good bye for now Francis M.!

Monday, February 16, 2009


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Sunday, February 15, 2009

How to be a good parent?

There is no such thing as a perfect existence. We all know that. It is the nature of a human being, to err. However, each one of us must make it our business to be good in everything that we do. As much as possible, stick to your standards and principles. As a parent, we all have our own flaws and shortcomings to our very own kids. No doubt about that. The question is, are we satisfied by the way things are going on inside our own household? Are we harboring a good and harmonious relationship with every family member? Are you, at any rate, a good parent? These are simple questions but can not be easily answered by any parent. Why? Simply for a reason that a lot of things are easier said than done. A parent may know the rules of the game and the technical and theoretical knowledge and approach in raising a family but surprisingly when she plunges into the very scenario, it is more likely that he/she trips.

I am not that good in parenting but please let me share with you some of my insights on how to be a good parent.

1. Do not underestimate your children. Even at a very young age, talk with them as if they are of your age. You may not know it but kids are better listeners than adults. They have this tendency to absorb everything that adults tell them. So, there, be careful in uttering words.
2. Treat your kids with utmost respect. I guess, everybody deserves to be respected regardless of their age. If you respect a person, rest assured that you will also gain that respect from that person.
3.Try not to shout when you are mad. I find this very hard to do. Emotions are very hard to control especially when you are at the very apex of that particular emotion.But at least, try to control it. Any outburst of emotion may affect your child emotionally and psychologically.
4. Lead by example. This is the best rule on how to be a good parent. If you are trying to educate your kid, start with yourself first so that your kids will surely follow.

I will try to give you more of my parenting techniques in my future posts. For now, happy parenting.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

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Sunday, January 4, 2009

EOQOSIT: Listing High Quality Overseas Product Providers / Service Suppliers

The European Organisation for Quality in Outsources Services and International Trade (EOQOSIT) is launching its definitive business directory for Indian companies wishing to export products or services to the United Kingdom. The website is officially launched at the end of January 2009. EOQOSIT's directories allow only one company for each category and allow entry by invitation only . Companies cannot 'buy their way in'. We maintain the highest quality in our listed companies by investigating any complaints made against services and removing the company if the complaint is upheld. In this way we ensure that are listed companies remain of the very highest standard. EOQOSIT is a 'not for profit' organisation witth the sole aim of 'raising the bar' for the standard of outsourced services provided to the EU. If you are considering procurring products or services from India, then make EOQOSITs approved directory your start point.

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