Monday, February 16, 2009


I recently joined a brand new and unique social network site. . It is an innovative networking site. Here, people share their "stuff" and get connected with each other by the cars they drive, places they visited, movies they love, games they play, and so on. Then they can interact with people of same interest (by a real meaning!) and get personalized recommendation. What are you waiting for? Don't be left out! Join now.

Cheap Domain Names and Web Hosting @UK

Are you having a hard time deciding where to buy domain hosting and web hosting? Do not be deceived by the explicit statements of so many companies which promise of an easy and cheap web hosting. In order for you to fully say that you can truly put your trust and money to a particular company, bear the following questions in mind. See if these questions are met before you finally say yes to them.

  • Is the initial registration price low?
  • Do they charge high rates for renewal of your domain name?
  • Is the domain name in your name?
  • Does it include a homepage builder with your domain name? Can you build up to a 3 page website? Can you change it as often as you want?
  • Does it include email forwarding addresses with your domain name?
  • Does it include URL forwarding - masked and unmasked - for free?
  • Can you customize your domain DNS for,, MobileMe, is just a single click within your domain name control panel?
With these in mind, I bet in no time you can buy domain hosting without being charged of any hidden charges.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

How to be a good parent?

There is no such thing as a perfect existence. We all know that. It is the nature of a human being, to err. However, each one of us must make it our business to be good in everything that we do. As much as possible, stick to your standards and principles. As a parent, we all have our own flaws and shortcomings to our very own kids. No doubt about that. The question is, are we satisfied by the way things are going on inside our own household? Are we harboring a good and harmonious relationship with every family member? Are you, at any rate, a good parent? These are simple questions but can not be easily answered by any parent. Why? Simply for a reason that a lot of things are easier said than done. A parent may know the rules of the game and the technical and theoretical knowledge and approach in raising a family but surprisingly when she plunges into the very scenario, it is more likely that he/she trips.

I am not that good in parenting but please let me share with you some of my insights on how to be a good parent.

1. Do not underestimate your children. Even at a very young age, talk with them as if they are of your age. You may not know it but kids are better listeners than adults. They have this tendency to absorb everything that adults tell them. So, there, be careful in uttering words.
2. Treat your kids with utmost respect. I guess, everybody deserves to be respected regardless of their age. If you respect a person, rest assured that you will also gain that respect from that person.
3.Try not to shout when you are mad. I find this very hard to do. Emotions are very hard to control especially when you are at the very apex of that particular emotion.But at least, try to control it. Any outburst of emotion may affect your child emotionally and psychologically.
4. Lead by example. This is the best rule on how to be a good parent. If you are trying to educate your kid, start with yourself first so that your kids will surely follow.

I will try to give you more of my parenting techniques in my future posts. For now, happy parenting.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Work Boots USA

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