Sunday, August 3, 2008


Honesty as the song says is such a lonely word because everyone is so untrue. We hear a lot of stories about dishonest person, political figure and social ones. We see so many problems on graft and corruption in government that root from dishonesty. Have you ever wondered how our world will look like if everyone is honest? Wow, that would be a great world to live in indeed. There will be no more wars, no conflicts, no hatred and greed whatsoever. That would be an ideal world.

A lot of great pretenders have been victims of their own scheme. When one is dishonest, he seems to have lost his peace of mind. He can't function normally and he is always anxious because he is afraid that his pretensions might be unraveled. That is the greatest dillema of great pretenders and dishonest people.

How I really wish that this world would be free from dishonest individuals. Let us spare our society with more graft and corruption problems.

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