Friday, August 8, 2008

Discovering your child's potentials

I am a believer that everyone of us is created with innate talent. It' s just up to us to discover it.

My second child, MATT, was 10 when he showed interest in basketball. Our house is situated near the basketball court in our village. He will always play basketball there whenever he has free time. One afternoon, my husband took Matt in Alabang Town Center to buy some stuff. When they got home, my husband was telling me that our son is so interested in joining the MILO BEST. MILO BEST is a school of some sort which specializes in giving children proper training in basketball. It has six levels. They saw the advertisement in the mall that Milo Best is having a regular classes in San Beda Alabang. Matt was so persistent in joining so my husband decided to enroll him the following weekend. He was enrolled in MILO Best. In level 1, he did not get an award. He still wanted to continue with the program so we enrolled him again in level 2. We were so surprised to see his improvements during the session. During graduation day, he was awarded as best in free-throw. In level 3, he was the most defensive man and in level 4, he got the Nilo Verona Award which is a very prestigious award given to excellent students. All of my son's achievements in basketball really make us proud parents. Now, Matt is in his third year in high school at San Beda Alabang. He is a varsity in basketball. Out there he enjoys what he loves most, playing basketball. We are just hoping that he will be able to fulfill his dreams someday and finally make it to the PBA.

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