Thursday, August 21, 2008

Self reliance

First time parents tend to be more protective. As much as possible, these brand new parents would not want anything wrong to happen to their child. Is it bad to be very protective? In some ways, YES. As in any cases, anything that is not done in moderation is always bad. Over-protectiveness is often the reason why many children, especially here in the Philippines, become very dependent on their parents. A lot of parents teach their children about self reliance a little bit late. Let us not underestimate the capacity of our children. Do you know that even at a very young age, you can actually teach your kid on self reliance? Yes, by merely teaching your baby a simple task as in holding his feeding bottle, you are teaching him on how to be independent. Simple household chores are often the training ground on independence. Of course, there are some exceptions. You could easily depict if the situation really calls for your help. Try teaching your kid not to be totally dependent on you most of the times. I bet that as your child grows, you will see the benefit of how your child practice independence at an early age.

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