Monday, August 18, 2008

Say NO when you have to.

Have you ever turned down a person? The feeling is quite heavy right? Sometimes, I have this tendency to say yes to almost everyone. I hate seeing people get disappointed in anyway. As much as possible I want to please everyone. I know that it is very impossible. One way or the other we would have to tell others that we simply cannot give everything or agree with them all the way. This has been my problem ever since. My eldest brother would always remind me never to let people hanging. I hate turning down my suitors because I hate seeing them sad and down. I just let them get tired of me. My brod would simply tell me that I have to be frank and blatant about my feelings. The more I prolong their waiting, the more I inflict pain on them. I gave that suggestion a thorough thought and he was right after all. I started being honest with my feelings. I am not God. I cannot simply please everyone because I'm just human. As always, it is very right to be open about your feelings and about yourself.

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