Monday, September 29, 2008

Should you wait until marriage for sex?

They say that things that easy come, easy go. True? Well, in some cases yes. I have observed that most people put more value on things that they work hard for and waited for quite some time. This is so very true with the tree lettered word called SEX.
Mass media must perform its function as a catalyst for change. If the deteriorating value of many a youth today is caused by mass media, then it's about time that it functions otherwise. I have nothing against people who think that it is just okay to practice pre-marital sex. What I am so disgusted is the fact that a lot of people are so irresponsible when dealing with it. Some people are so careless as to the aftermath of pre-marital sex and the poor girl turns out as the loser in the end. So, girls out there, you better think not twice but a hundred times before you plunge into pre-marital sex. It is not always true that when a lot of people are doing it, it is already the right thing. It is still preferred to be the odd man out, rather than the one weeping alone. The three lettered word called SEX is not as simple as it looks. It entails full responsibility.

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MakingMoney said...

I honestly don't view it as a "should" but rather as a you the only one that knows when you feels it's right to take that further step and to not let others dictate to you or persuade you otherwise. I highly vouch for be your own mind and person if its good its good, if its bad its bad but you being and doing you :) Great topic you made!

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