Monday, September 1, 2008

Scam or no Scam?

Last week I was so surprised when I read my email. An email caught my attention because the sender is asking for my full cooperation and I would have to keep the whole transaction as a top secret. All that I have to do is cooperate fully with him. He was an African banker according to him. In their annual accounting of the banks depositors, he said that they came across a certain dormant account because the client died in a plane crash or something and left no kin. He wanted me to pose as a kin to the deceased person. The amount involve? Only $8,000,000.00. The deal is that he will get the 55% and I will get the 40% and the 5% for all the expenses that will be incurred during the whole transaction. Tempting isn't it? I would be a hypocrite If I would tell you that I wasn't tempted. But after three days of thorough thinking, I came up with the decision that I would not go for it. Assuming that it is authentic, I couldn't afford to live luxuriously knowing that I claimed something which is not lawfully mine. I have a gut feel too that it is a fraud because they would ask you to send them your driver's license number, bank account number and some pertinent infos. I turned him down. After a day, I got another email from another person singing the same song again. I ignored it. I don't know with you.

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