Monday, September 1, 2008

Is It Okay to Give Your Kid The Latest Gadget In Town?

The very reason why parents work so hard is to provide their children with all their needs as much as all their wants. As a doting mother of six kids, I feel so happy and elated whenever I see my children so happy and contented with all the things that my husband and I are giving them. Children's brag right is so evident on their faces. The question is how much should we give our children? Should we always give them all their wants. Technological gadgets on games and communication system is so rampant in the market. You'll be surprised to know that your children would ask you to buy miniature gadgets which actually cost ten to twenty thousand pesos. My golly! The price is so dear that it could already mean a half month of our food allowance. I remember when my second child celebrated his 14th birthday this year. He was asking for a PSP as his birthday gift. My husband did not give in to his request because we know that his studies is not doing great this year because he is into computer games so badly. How much more If he could have that little gadget wherein we could not monitor his usage of it.? We know that he was sad and upset but we have to be firm on our decision. In the end he would understand that we are just being stern for his own sake.

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