Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Love vs. studies: Deciding what comes first

When you are still studying, it is but right to concentrate on your studies. But how would you entertain a certain feeling of admiration towards your opposite sex? Do you simply ignore it and focus more on your studies? Would you feel guilty if ever you fall in love? Is there really a right time to fall in love?
The key word here is always balance. If one knows how to balance his time in every aspect of life, nothing can ever go wrong. Learning to prioritize things is the deciding factor for success. Nobody can ever say that they fall in love at the right time for there is no such thing as the right time. You feel love in the most unexpected way and manner. Sometimes you just woke up one morning thinking of that person. You may even have some sleepless nights too. One thing that we must be grateful to our creator is for giving us this capacity to feel something towards a person. This makesus all distinct from his other creation.

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