Friday, November 14, 2008

Keep a little won't do any harm

Being in a serious relationship sometimes entail that you keep no secret to your partner. It is a simple gesture that you are giving your full trust to him/her. Others would say that If you truly love someone else, you have to make yourself fully known to that person. Not bad at all, isn't it? The million dollar question is that is it a must? No, no, no, it is still ideal that you keep all your personal information as in your bank account number, atm numbers, email passwords, computer passwords and the like to yourself so that when it is high time and inevitable that you part ways, there'll be no conflicts and hassles. In a more serious and delicate matter concerning your past, I guess you better keep it to yourself too. There is no need to divulge everything to your partner just to show how much you love and trust him/her. There are instances wherein your secret works against you. I may be cynical here but you have to think of the after math of any failed relationship. More often than not, ex lovers are not friends. Your partner may turn into a monster the moment you part ways. It is very applicable to prevent something from occurring in the earliest time being. You ought to love yourself first before you could love someone else. Keep a little secret to yourself, add a little mystery in you..I bet it won't do any harm.


Anonymous said...

Very good post! Secrets are just that "A Secret". If information kept to yourself can be listed under the Headings "Security","Safety", "On-A-Need-To-Know-Basis",and my favorite, "Doesn't have anything to do with you" then you are handling your business correctly in my opinion.

A Very Well written Post indeed!

MorgansMummy said...

yeah I learnt over time not to give to much info about my past to my fiance. I tell him most things but I know when not to say something. Good post.

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