Sunday, January 4, 2009

EOQOSIT: Listing High Quality Overseas Product Providers / Service Suppliers

The European Organisation for Quality in Outsources Services and International Trade (EOQOSIT) is launching its definitive business directory for Indian companies wishing to export products or services to the United Kingdom. The website is officially launched at the end of January 2009. EOQOSIT's directories allow only one company for each category and allow entry by invitation only . Companies cannot 'buy their way in'. We maintain the highest quality in our listed companies by investigating any complaints made against services and removing the company if the complaint is upheld. In this way we ensure that are listed companies remain of the very highest standard. EOQOSIT is a 'not for profit' organisation witth the sole aim of 'raising the bar' for the standard of outsourced services provided to the EU. If you are considering procurring products or services from India, then make EOQOSITs approved directory your start point.

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