Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Miss you Papa

Novermber 1 is just a few days away. In the Philippines, this is a very significant day to visit the tomb of your departed loved ones. It is the best time for family reunion and bonding. In the case of my father who died more than a year now, his remains were cremated so we need not go to the cemetery. We are planning to hold a Halloween party at my sister's house. My mom will bring my father's urn there. Sounds fun but nah. My father's death was the darkest day in our lives. We were all unprepared for that. Up to now, we all have a heavy heart thinking that Papa will never be with us anymore. The only thing that we are all wishing for is that papa is at peace now. I hope that he is with our creator now. May his sins be forgivenby the Lord. Pa, you know how much we love you. If I could just turn back the clock, I would spend more time with you. This is so painful you know. It's hard to be left by your loved one. Pa, wherever you are don't forget that we love you and we truly miss you...a lot!

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