Friday, March 6, 2009

Death of Francis M.

News on Francis M.'s death hit the whole country in big shock. That's usually how it is when a famous personality passed away. Many Filipinos are now mourning for Francis' death. In line with that, a lot of people are now visiting Francis' website at and even browsing the you tube. He was one techie person for sure. He blogged about his experiences no matter how painful his battle and fight for the big C was. I guess, the artist in him can't help but be known to the people. Even at the lowest, most painful and hardest times in his life, he made it a point that his fans , friends and fellow Filipino can see how he fought his own battle. I guess that's the essence of updating the public of his experiences at the 14th floor of the Medical City. People who are sick of cancer can draw strength and courage from Francis. He was some tough guy. He wanted to leave a message to a lot of people that while there is life there is hope. He also wanted people to relive and renew their faith to our Creator. I really looked up to him for his being patriotic, nationalistic, a good father, rapper, business man and a true son of God.

It is expected that the two competing giant networks in the country, (ABS-CBN and GMA 7), impressed the viewing public with their own unique kind of reportage on the life and times of Francis Magalona. I guess, in times such as these, rating game should be put aside. Whether you are a kapamilya or a kapuso it doesn't really matter. We are all Filipinos. This is what matters!

Francis M was one great artist in this lifetime. His life and times are so remarkable that he left the movie and music industry with so much legacy that no one can easily forget. I hope that another Francis M. will be born again. Good bye for now Francis M.!

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